Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gubb Love

I was pretty comfortable with this exploration of sundry tools because, for once, I was encountering techs and tools that I've already been familiar with--either the ones listed, or very similar equivalent applications.

The biggest one is Google Calendar.  Never have I utilized a more useful app; never has one become more ubiquitous to my daily life.  I've been using it for about two or three years now and I just have it up on my browser constantly; I put in my class assignments, trips, visitors and visits.  I also stick in things I aspire to do but it maybe gets bumped due to timing issues--so it just clicked-and-dragged to the next week or month.  (Visiting my LIS friend Jared at the music library for a look around has been a frequent casualty due to my 506 class on Thursdays--no hard feelings, though ;-))  But it's great--I never forget anything, even those hole-in-the-wall art gallery exhibits or two-for-the-price-of-one zoo admission days.

Another utility that has been of great benefit to me is the whole concept of the online to-do list.  Before this web 2.0 business, my life was drowning in bits of paper.  Story ideas, books to read, song lyrics i heard on the radio in hopes of tracking the artist down good.  Certainly not for a future librarian!  Then I found  You can make as many little post-it note-resembling list things in different as you want, and specify whether you want them to be to-do style--with check boxes--or simply list style.  No more paper drown.  Sorry, etc....looks like you have pay shields.  Gubb is free.  I love my Gubb!

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  1. Alex, Thank you! sounds like a tool I can actually use without wasting a lot of time. I use Google Calendar, too. Love it! I have been using the task list included with G-Calendar, but I am not completely happy with it. I cannot wait to try Gubb. Thanks again! Katie