Monday, October 10, 2011

Tag! is NOT it.

I'm not sure and i are meant to be.  i'm an easygoing guy, i just like to go with the flow and use what works.  Delle (let's call her 'delle') is so demanding!  everything seems to have to be her way.  "ok, i'll try making a stack, Delle."  "Well, it has to have at least 3 links in it!" "Oh, I'm sorry, baby.  You didn't tell me that before."  "Well,I'm telling you now! God can't you just LISTEN?! I"M TRYING TO HELP YOU!!!!"

Yikes.  That kind of help I don't need.

There are a few other things i don't like about delle, besides this initial lack of clarity (despite my having read the helpful blog post we had linked beforehand).  For one thing, she's so...public.  I like to pick and choose what I put out there for everyone.  Yeah, I know Delle has the "private link" option, but everything she does seems geared toward full disclosure.  And that's fine for you millenials, all you kids who were spoonfed Facebook with your strained peas. I'm ever so slightly (so slightly!) more old-school than that.  And it's not like I want to hide things out of shame or embarrassment; I just don't think everyone wants or needs to know that I love 'Game of Thrones' on HBO or whatever.  that's just me.  I hang out in the corner until I feel I have something useful to say.  If i never feel that way, you will probably never hear from me.  very unlike the "I just had cheerios!" FB status updaters.  They're fine; I don't mind 'em; it's just not me.  and Delle seems to want to MAKE me that.

What else was there...oh yeah.  Speaking more generally, I'm not sure that tagging works for me in any useful way.  I gather that Delle's strength is in creating your own associations for things, making it easier to find them through a simple search, rather than dig through deep bookmark hierarchies.  Well, that's cool, but when I want to find in three months, will i remember that I tagged it as "asoiaf" rather than 'ice and fire,' two common abbreviations for the book series from which it comes?  should i have tagged it 'hbo' too? would i remember if i had?  if i tag it 'tv' will it be any easier to slog through all my tv-related links than it would have been to go through my bookmark hierarchies?  anyway, i *like* my hierarchies.  i'm that kind of organizer and thinker.  i've actually been tagging stuff for years--i tag all my journal entries--but i do it mostly for funsies, and completely inconsistently and inefficiently.  i don't think i'll be able to get more disciplined for delle. (and i probably shouldn't go into cataloging either, huh?)

Finally--''? to quote a great SNL sketch, "Who are the ad wizards who came up with that one?"  I don't think Krug would approve of the sheer annoyance that comes with trying to type that. at least it's not in the actual url.

PS i don't really see the need for this service and my RSS feed...their functions seem to overlap.  except with delle, i get other people's pithy judgments on a given site.  not sure what value that adds yet.


  1. Hmmm...what is it about "Del" that caused you to leap over the obvious, sex it female, and change a perfectly "del"ightful nickname to take this product to task? Is there an overbearing mother in your life? ;-}

  2. I am uncomfortable with the public default for each addition to my account. I agree with your assessment of overlapping services, Web 2.0 seems to be filled with redundancy.