Saturday, September 10, 2011

The sad state of a private library on Merrimac Street

IMG00326-20110910-1456 by decgem
IMG00326-20110910-1456, a photo by decgem on Flickr.
We thought we'd have it all.

Take three high school friends, add an exciting move to Buffalo together for higher education, and spice liberally with the books collected by the undergrad majors we had assembled between us: two philosophy majors, a psych guy, a mathematics guy, a creative writer, and a wannabe francophone. Let stew in the sunny, airy front room (a walled-in former porch) and you have the makings of a very interesting, eclectic private library.

Alas, it wasn't to be. My stalwart companion Scott has seen this transition through with me, but we've lost our Third Man to a combination of baseless neuroses and a perhaps well-founded case of good-old OCD. I guess it was never to be.

But oh, how beautiful our library would have been! For now, Scott and I will have to content ourselves with tracts on Freud and Marvel Comics trade paperbacks. That empty shelf sure would have looked good, loaded up with a lot of Michel Foucault texts that no one would want to read.

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  1. You were the creative writer correct? I think That I remember your having said that in class. If you , it shows. I loved your saga of the shelf. Be encouraged, soon you will have a bunch of LIS books to add to the shelves. Those will be good conversation starters. I was also impressed with your analysis of the Flickr features.